Three Tips for Finding the Best Web Developer


web developer Frisco TXThere is much to consider when selecting a web developer. Indeed, your web developer will be one of the most influential and important hires that you make. That is because they will be charged with constructing and presenting your brand, the spirit of your business, to the world. They will also be in control of how functional that presentation is, how user friendly, and how specifically tailored to your needs.

To aid you in your decision making process…

Consider the following three tips.

1. Hire for talent and adaptability over a specific skill

What you want to look for is a web developer who can keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies and software we use in today’s technology industry. If you hire someone because they are skilled in a particular technology, for example, but do not consider their adaptability, you run the risk of having an employee who may not adapt well in the future.

To gauge the adaptability of a potential new hire, consider asking questions that address the new technologies or tech conferences that they are excited about. You want to uncover an excitement about learning, a forward-thinking drive.

2. Give a new developer a small, quick project to start

The idea here is that you will be able to see how well your new developer works with deadlines. Moreover, not only will you find out how quickly they work, you will be able to see the quality of the result they produce. Specifically, you will see if the project is is flawed with bugs, or if it works efficiently.

You will also have the opportunity to find out if the developer is a team player, and if the solution they produced for your project was creative or run-of-the-mill. You can really learn a lot about your new hire, or potential new hire, in this way.

3. Pay attention to the questions the developer asks you

You want to find a developer that not only knows what they’re doing, but is invested in delivering the product that you need to promote your business. A developer who cares will ask you plenty of questions about your brand, your message, and your needs. They need to fully understand your mission if they are to accurately represent it, after all.

So, know what you are getting into when you begin your search for a web developer. If you feel you are ready to begin your search, and to start talking with prospective developers, then contact today at (469) 535-7500.