What Can a Web Developer Do For Your Business?


web developer frisco txUp Your Business with Web Development

Hiring a web developer to build or upgrade your website is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. A web developer does a lot more than place text and graphics on your site. Experienced web developers create software geared to your business needs, build databases and make you site accessible and functional to customers and prospects.

Web developers analyze your business goals and create a site with appropriate content, which includes may include a mission statement, company history, an About Us page, product description, a Frequently asked Questions page, graphics and videos.

A web developer possesses a variety of skills to keep your business website up to date and ensure it appears near the top of Google search listings. Web developers write scripts to build websites. Script or code is the building block of websites, and a web developer must know several scripting languages (or be an expert in one of them). These scripts include Java, JavaScript, HTML, JQuery and CSS.

Web developers build the website, and then design and edit the content or oversee others supplying the content. Blogs, articles, photos, videos, illustrations and product descriptions are examples of web content. The web developer tests web pages to make sure they function correctly and converts written, graphic and audio content into appropriate formats.

A web developer takes the work the web designer has completed, writes code for it and transforms it into a working website. Some web development companies have a team to design, implement and test new websites before they’re accessible to the public. Some web experts have the knowledge to design and develop websites. Web designers handle the creative side of the site – how it should look, what content is suitable, what colors to use on the web pages, etc. while the web developer concentrates on the site’s functionality.

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