Web Developer: What We Expect From Our Clients


What to Expect From Clients

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It is true that you are hiring us as your web developer, but that doesn’t mean that all of the work rests squarely on our shoulders.  There are things we cannot do without you so before you hire a web development company, make sure you are ready and willing to spend the necessary time that will be needed on your part.  Here are a few other things, besides time, that a web development company will expect from you.

  1. Read the contract fully and understand that when you sign you are agreeing to all terms.  Most development companies are flexible in the negotiation of a contract but once paperwork is signed, its a done deal.
  2. Stick to deadlines.  There are things you’ll be asked to provide such as content or images and when you don’t make your deadline in providing those assets, we can’t meet our deadline of delivering your product.
  3. Be clear.  Nothing is more frustrating to a developer than the phrase, “Just make it look nice”.  What looks or functions nicely to one, is a total train wreck to another.  We cannot make your vision come to life if you cannot articulate your vision.

At Axis Software Dynamics, we like to think of our clients as partners.  We are in this thing together and when we work together amazing things will happen!  For more information about what you can expect from us as your custom web development partner, give us a call at 469-535-7500.  Or check us out online at www.axissoftwaredynamics.com.