Web Application Development FAQs


web application development Frisco TXWeb application development is a term you may not be familiar with if you’re not a professional web developer. But if you’re a business owner thinking about working with a web developer to build a website for your business, it’s a term you should understand.

What Is A Web Application?

A web application, or web app, is an application program that is stored on a remote server and conveyed via the internet to a user’s device. Websites visited by users on their computers, tablets and phones allow the capture, processing, storage and transmission of customer data, including sensitive customer data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. for immediate or later use. This ability to communicate with customers and prospective customers by manipulation of data is accomplished through web applications.

What Are Of Common Web Apps?

Website features like login pages, support forms, product request forms, web mail, shopping carts and content management systems are familiar types of web applications. There are a number of free web applications designed for the home user that you may be familiar with like Jotti, which lets you check single files for viruses using multiple antivirus programs, Pandora, which lets you listen to music that you select and Google Drive, which lets you create and store documents. As a business owner, though, you will need custom web applications designed to allow you to interact with your customers and to solve any unique problems you may have.

What Does A Web App Developer Do?

Web application development is all about offering custom solutions to those unique problems you have as a business owner. Whether you need help with inventory management, customer portals, online shopping or integration with third-party vendors, a web app developer can design and implement an application to accomplish the job. A web app developer will work to understand your business and how web app development will affect your core organizational functions and how custom web apps can be integrated into your existing workflow.

Do I Need Web Apps?

No matter what size business you have, if your goal is for your customers to be able to interact with you online, you need web applications. Custom web apps will increase your efficiency by helping you to better manage your business through simplification of important processes and better integration with third-party systems. They can also remove any frustrating blocks to easy interaction with your website that your customers may be having.

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