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User Experience | As you’re developing your new app, take the time to think about what your end users will want to keep them interested and involved with it. Most users want the ability to use the app and achieve goals quickly and effortlessly. The apps with the largest download and retention rate are overwhelmingly engaging, easy-to-use, and almost become a natural part of their everyday flow. This means not just focusing on the base programming of the app, but also focusing- heavily- on the end user’s experience. 

The old adage “less is more” often applies with User Experience (UX) on mobile apps. Simple but effective is the way to go to improve both UX and productivity for your end user. Even if your programming is top-notch, the overall success of your app depends on not just how many people use your app, but how many people continue to use it. So, if your app’s programming is great but you want to boost user productivity, how do you do that?


Designing for your ideal end user


The most important part of designing your app to best serve users is to really think about who your ideal users are. As you’re designing an app for business use, consider your own needs as a business owner. What are some functionalities you use in your own business and life, and how can you implement those in your own app- or better yet, how can you improve on those features and functionalities? 


Having an ideal client in mind for your app will help you to narrow down more specifics on what your app should have. You can do this by thinking like your audience. What specific problems is your app solving? Who should use your app and would get the most benefit from it? How would they use your app to be more productive?


Streamlining is key

Imagine, as a business owner, your own workflow. As you’ve grown your business, you’ve likely found ways to streamline the things you need to do in order to focus on more important aspects of your business. The same can be said for your final product. If your user is struggling to get from one area of the app to another, that will severely limit productivity for the user. Streamline everything you can and minimize the amount of steps the user will need to take in order to accomplish their goals. This will allow the user to better focus on what they need to do, which will ultimately boost their efficiency.


Additionally, creating a dashboard for the user to be able to access all of their information in one place is a great UX tactic. Rather than forcing your user to click through multiple tabs, pages, or systems, try to keep as much as possible in one central location for ease of access.

Collecting and reacting to feedback

What is the best way to increase user experience? Listening to your users. How are they using your app, what are they using it for, and what issues are they facing while using it? Provide plenty of avenues for users to easily reach out to you for feedback or requests, and listen to those responses. While it’s not necessary- or possible, in most cases- to implement every single request from your users, keep notes of which features your users tend to request more often than others. 

Taking these steps as you are designing and launching your app will help you to improve your end user’s experience and increase productivity. One key thing to keep in mind is that user experience development doesn’t just stop once your app launches. Keep researching, keep listening, and keep improving. Your app’s users will thank you, and so will your ROI!

About Axis Software Dynamics

Axis Software Dynamics is a Dallas Fort Worth based Custom software development company providing Digital Transformation Services for web, iOS and Android applications.   Our team of experts provide Full Stack Software Solutions leveraging:

  • User Experience Design
  • JavaScript (React, Angular, Node, Express)
  • .NET ( MVC, EF, Azure, SQL Server)
  • Java (JEE, Spring Boot, JPA, Gradle, Restful Services)
  • PHP (MVC  – Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP)
  • Mobile Development
  • QA Automation (Selenium, Protractor)

Axis provides a full range of cloud solutions with AWS (Amazon Web Services)Microsoft AzureA2 and WP Engine.  Our team of User Experience professionals and engineers are experts at delivering business solutions.  These solutions leverage the latest technologies and methods for an agile development and delivery process.

Axis Software’s Digital Transformation Services guide companies through their digital journey.  Automate your business and allow for scalable business practices.  Axis’ experts document your workflow which provides a highly detailed User Experience and User Interface overview.  By creating functional prototypes it is straight forward understanding the software product and business process roadmaps.

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