Understanding the Latest Enterprise Software Automations


Automation solutions for enterprises have seen rapid adoption. Recent events and the pandemic have made companies come to realize they were unprepared for the remote work shift. Luckily the latest enterprise software automation tools have adapted to reflect this change, making it easier for companies themselves to adapt.


Enterprise Software Automation Levels



This is the action of streamlining usually routine workflow processes that do not require specialist skills. Everyday processes can be performed automatically, and usually this level is referred to as Business Process Management (BPM).



This is most sought after by businesses as a custom solution. Automation here will perform simple tasks but increase operational efficiency greatly. An example of this would be order creation. If a certain stock falls below a threshold it will create documentation for it, and send it off to accounting for approval. This then only needs to be checked and signed, this automatic generation of forms represents huge time-saving opportunities.



This is the pinnacle of automation software. It enhances all data driven activities and decisions. It can do anything you want, decision assistance, real-time reports, machine control, process management and much more.


Who Can Use Automation


Some still have a misconception that automation software has to be complex to use. Thinking it’s only for the tech personnel, but it can have its use in almost every aspect of a business.

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR & Payroll
  • Customer Support

It will impact different businesses in different ways. You need to assess who automation software will be most beneficial for or which departments could use a more streamlined connection.


Software Automation Use Cases


Processing Costs

Processing everything manually has many drawbacks. Not only can automating processes save time but it can have a direct impact on saving costs. Ink, paper, postage, pens and all manner of stationary can be dramatically cut back.


Purchase Orders

As stated earlier AI can be utilized to automate purchase orders for materials or whatever your business needs to have continuous stock of. Understanding how and where to implement this in your business can help ensure you’re never left waiting on resources again.


Invoice Processing

Invoicing becomes a nightmare when your business is going full speed. An increase in invoices can leave your team swamped with paperwork and form filling to do. The latest enterprise software automation completes all of this for you.


Employee Forms

HR becomes inundated with holiday requests, time off forms, travel authorization forms and expense claim forms. You don’t need a top level AI automation tool, this can all be completed with a fundamental implementation.


Benefits Of Automation


The benefits are countless, and many businesses will find different benefits or have them developed in a certain way to benefit them specifically. Understanding what level of implementation you need and how it fits into your business is key.


If you’re finding this a little confusing or overwhelming contact us at Axis Software Dynamics. We are here to help you get the most from your enterprise software automation, get started today!