The Best Apps for Multitasking at Work


Multitasking is actually a myth or an illusion we created. When you are ‘multitasking’, what you are essentially doing is task-switching, multitasking is the result of rapidly switching between the tasks you are doing back and forth.

The best apps for multitasking at work in our eyes are those that help you focus on completing one task effectively. While at the same time managing and maintaining progress on others too.


Google Tasks


Starting with something simple and lightweight, but incredibly powerful for helping you multitask. Google Tasks is a great standalone list creator and reminder app for prioritizing tasks. What makes this stand out is that of course it’s integrated and works seamlessly with all your other favorite Google apps like Gmail, Calendar and Google Keep.




Some people have a great ability to remember stuff, but we aren’t all blessed with this. Organizing things in your head leads to things being forgotten and becomes overwhelming. Having an app where you can get tasks out onto an easy to reference list helps massively. This is what Todoist does whilst also syncing these lists across your devices.




Whether you use this as a team or solo, the main kanban style board for Trello is incredible for visually organizing tasks. Being able to see and rearrange tasks enables easy multitasking. You can bring into a list style column each task you want to tackle and then move them on individually to another column out of scope.


Pomodoro Timer


Everyone wishes they had more breaks at work, so why not? Pomodoro is a proven technique to improve efficiency, and doing this while multitasking can enhance it further. Breaking task time down, traditionally Pomodoro is 25 minutes for working and 5 minutes for a break.

Multitasking often results in getting burned-out quickly, this app helps you focus and manage tasks in bite size chunks. There are numerous apps available, take a look and discover one that suits your style.




This is popular among teams over individual users as it is effectively a team communication app. This desktop and mobile app lets you communicate with your team, create groups, share files securely and most importantly multitask. Being able to hand over tasks quickly and effectively, handling multiple contact points all inside one convenient app, is a huge advantage to those who like to task switch.

If you’re looking to improve your multitasking productivity for your business, get in contract with us at Axis Software Dynamics. We offer consulting and custom software development to help you get the right software to ensure you get the most done with your time.