Starting A Small Business: Succeed Online


starting small business frisco txThe Differences Needed to Succeed

If you are thinking of starting a small business  you should know that the difference between businesses that succeed and businesses that fail is that successful business owners learn everything they can about what it takes to make a company work in the computerized age – before they even begin to daydream about raking in profits.

Starting a small business requires more than just renting space in an office building, hanging out a sign and waiting for customers to flock to you.  It means you have to compete with hundreds of other businesses, big and small, for the public’s attention and before you can even begin to think of winning that competition, you have to build an online presence for your business.  There really is no way around the fact that most people look for what they need online first. So, how can your business stand out?  Here’s how:

▸ Create a great website.  No pressure, of course, but there is no substitute for a well-thought-out and well-designed website. And you know why this is important because you’ve visited websites before that make you want to throw your phone or tablet or laptop across the room because they were frustratingly hard to use or just plain ugly to look at. Not only does your site have to be aesthetically pleasing – with the right font, colors and layout – it also has to catch your visitors’ attention quickly and give them easy ways to navigate through every process on the website.

▸ Implement a variety of SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to techniques you can use to get your website seen and to have it rank higher than other websites on your potential customers’ search results pages. SEO includes using specific keywords in your content that match keywords searchers might use to find you, keeping your website’s content fresh and updated and linking to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

▸ Market your company online. If you haven’t heard, print is dead.  Okay, it may not be totally dead; but marketing by placing ads in newspapers and sending thousands of flyers through the mail is quickly being replaced by reaching customers through the internet. Using local online directories, putting videos on YouTube and buying pay-per-click ads are just some of the ways you can successfully market your business online.

Starting a small business is a complicated endeavor but you can make it a little less complicated by learning everything you can about competing with other businesses online. At Axis Software Dynamics, we can teach you what you need to know about building a website, using SEO and marketing your company online. Call us at (469) 535-7500 or visit us online at