Custom Software Matters, As Does The Software Company You Hire


software development company plano txIf your business’s software simply isn’t meeting your needs, consider working with as oftware development company to get software that is customized for your operations. At CedarWaters, we design custom software for every type of business because we know that boxed software, though it is usually less expensive than custom software, isn’t always the best choice and can eventually affect the bottom line of any company that uses it.

The Difference Between Off-The-Shelf Software And Custom Software

Off-the-shelf or boxed software is a packaged software application that is meant to work for a mass audience of users who have varying but fundamentally-similar needs. Although off-the-shelf software isn’t customizable, most programs offer periodic updates that can be downloaded by users. Microsoft Word and QuickBooks Accounting are examples of this type of software. Custom software is software that is commissioned by and developed for a particular company with specific needs that can’t be met by boxed software. When a software development company, like CedarWaters, designs custom software, it keeps the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind with the understanding that the software can only work for that organization.

Why Custom Software Is The Right Choice

Custom software is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Not only will it allow your employees to do everything they need to work more efficiently, it also saves time and money because it keeps you from having to buy multiple types of software and trying to make them work to accomplish your goals. You can realize long-term money savings as well because you will own the software, and the company that designs it for you can continue to revise it as your company grows, which means you may never have to invest in software again. Another byproduct of having custom software designed for your business is that your company will be better protected from external threats.  Since your software isn’t off-the-shelf and available to hackers and others who can study the software and find its vulnerabilities, a breach of your computer system will be almost impossible.

If you know that the software you’re using isn’t doing what you need it to do, call us at CedarWaters at (469) 535-7500. We are a software development company that has the experience and the knowledge to design and create custom software that will help your business run efficiently. You can also visit us online at to find out more about our other services.