Raise Your Profile with Classes in Local Business Marketing


local business marketing frisco txLocal Business Marketing Tips

Seminars for local business marketing provide small businesses with enough information to do preliminary SEO, blogging and website creation. Most companies will need outside help with at least some of their SEO, video creation and social media marketing needs.

WordPress is used by newspaper and magazine websites, companies in many industries and hobbyists. Studying how to use its plugins and customizable themes you can set up a basic blog or multiple page website in a matter of hours. By attending a class for local business marketing, you’ll learn how to use this professional tool to attract more customers and increase ecommerce sales.

If you want better visibility for your business, you’ll want to take advantage of Google Local and social media. A seminar in local business marketing teaches small business owners how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and online directories to drive more traffic to your website and your business. Any business owner can learn how-to post basic information on social media. Since business owners need to spend most of their day on the day to day running of their company, it’s important to have at least one social media expert, either in-house or outsourced, to update social media posts as needed.

Video creation for YouTube is necessary for many companies selling cosmetics, clothes, furniture or other products. Even if you have a small to nonexistent promotional budget, taking a seminar in local business marketing helps you learn how to set up a YouTube channel. You’ll learn about efficient ways to get your ad message across with a focused video.

You’ll learn how to use Google Analytics, call tracking and website analytics to determine where your web visitors are coming from and adjust your content and sales message if needed.

Teaching is our way of giving back to our small business community. We love to share our knowledge with local companies and entrepreneurs.

The Axis team wants to help you succeed, and we offer a free Lunch and Learn class in E-Commerce, plus other timely SEO and online marketing seminars. The Axis Software Dynamics website has SEO, social media, web and hacks forums so registered users can discuss what they’ve learned with Axis Software Dynamics pros and other students.  Call us today at 469-535-7500 for more details on axissoftwaredynamics.com classes and seminars.