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Application Architecture

When building a home you often start by framing out the general structure of the home.  The same concept applies to applications. Existing frameworks are standardized codes used in many different types of builds.  Programming frameworks are the building blocks of application architecture and using them allows us to decrease production time while also reducing testing and debugging time.

Framework Representation

A Variety of Choices

As with anything in custom software, you have many choices when it comes to choosing a framework for your application.  Do you want your application to work across different platforms or will you stick to one operating system? Which platform do you want to be on? A thorough understanding of your process and goals will help us decide which framework to utilize when developing your application.

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Framework Representation


Application Architecture

Programming frameworks are the building blocks that allow us to program applications for specific platforms or different uses. Frameworks help us increase production time by reducing the number of issues we run into by giving us a standardized code to go by.

A Variety of Choices

There are a large amount of options when considering the type of framework to use when creating a desktop app. Do you want to be cross-platform or stick to one operating system? Which platform do you want to be on? The answers to these questions will help us decide on what framework to use when developing your application.

Understanding Frameworks

Frameworks work by giving the programmer access to standardized blocks of code allowing them to skip the hassle of manually programming. These standardized blocks allow the program to interact with specific operating systems and other programs.


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