Four Ideas for Business Marketing


business marketing frisco txIdeas to Improve Your Business Marketing

With all the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists setting up new companies, business marketing is more challenging every year. You can keep your company profitable and boost your online presence by using a few offline and web-based marketing tools.

1 – Create a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page and a marketing plan and follow through. Study the times of day your target demographic is most likely to view your page, and post accordingly. Engage the people who’ve liked your page in discussions about their needs and concerns. Use the analytics to help tailor your plan for business marketing. You can pay to boost some of your posts so more people see them, add photo albums of your products and include customer testimonials on your page to attract more customers.

2 – Attend Local Networking Events

Add some old-fashioned, offline marketing to attract potential customers face-to-face. Attend local business meetings, such as Chamber of Commerce networking events. Meeting new people over coffee or an informal meal is a great way to bond with fellow business owners and future clients. You’ll get a chance to answer any questions they may have about your products or services on the spot, and may even make new friends in the process.

3 – Host Events or Seminars for Clients and Prospects

Solidify relationships with existing clients and find new ones by offering classes and seminars. It’s a good way to connect with people on a one-on-one basis and teach them useful skills (or merely pitch your product in an interesting way). You can offer seminars via web, phone or in-person. By offering free or low-cost classes or seminars, the customer or prospect receives instruction in a popular subject and you form a business relationship that goes beyond answering an email or phone call. This may take more time and planning than other types of business marketing, but it creates good will and enhances current and future customer relationships.

4 – Get Visual with YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest

Use clear, professional photos of your product on Instagram and Pinterest. In today’s fast-paced mobile world, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even if you’re on a small budget, film a few YouTube videos focusing on your product or service. Give people a choice to learn about your product by reading an article, watching a video or looking at captioned photos.

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