eCommerce For Small Business: 4 Keys To Online Success


ecommerce small business frisco txKeys to Success with eCommerce

If you’re a small business owner in North Texas, you’ve probably considered selling your products or services online. In fact, for many companies, online selling or “eCommerce” is a way to boost profits significantly. But eCommerce can be complicated and fraught with difficulties that, as a business owner, you won’t be able to anticipate or fully understand. That’s why you should consider taking a class in eCommerce for small business with Axis Software Dynamics.

With a class from Axis Software Dynamics, you’ll find out everything you need to know about having a successful online business and that four of the keys to success are:

1. Developing an online brand. Branding is a type of marketing that helps you to target a specific audience or customer base and online marketing is a strategy to market to a specific audience online. Small business owners must ensure that the way they brand their company is effective and consistent. It must also reflect the desires of the customers you want and not customers who, ultimately, will have no interest in your product or service.

2. Creating a great marketing plan. When you take an Axis Software Dynamics class in eCommerce for small business, you’ll learn that marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Even if you have a product or service that can’t miss and that you’ve profited from selling in a brick-and-mortar store, selling online involves a completely different set of marketing tools that you likely aren’t familiar with. Online marketing includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google analytics and pay-per-click – terms that you’ll come to understand in the course of an eCommerce class.

3. Filling customer orders quickly. Of course, branding and marketing are important, but the basic requirement to fill customer orders quickly and efficiently is just as important. With big online retailers like Amazon routinely filling orders in two days or less, customers have come to expect quick order turn-around. When you can get your customers what they need as quickly as possible, they’re less likely to look elsewhere, even at the online retail giants; and they’ll become repeat customers as long as you can maintain the same level of order fulfillment service.

4. Keeping shipping costs low. Even when you pass most of your shipping costs along to customers, you’ll likely end up losing money on them. But if you streamline your shipping processes, you can put money toward incentives like free shipping for certain customers who order over a set dollar amount. Your goal is to increase orders and profits so that shipping costs are no longer a big issue.  When they’re not an issue, you can decrease the amount you pass along to customers and compete with other online retailers, many of whom charge little-to-no shipping.

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