Master Business Social Media with Digital Marketing Courses


digital marketing courses frisco txAny small business, freelancer or artist can benefit from digital marketing courses. Any business can set up their own Facebook page or YouTube channel, but it takes specific tips and tricks to make the most of social media. Taking a class helps you take advantage of proven ways to help your website, blogs and social media pages get views that result in sales. Better social media posts, targeted blogs with well-chosen keywords and inexpensive videos catering to customers’ interests are just a few of the ways you can make your business more profitable. YouTube and Facebook are two of the most visible social media tools for business. Here are a few tips on making the most of these (mostly) free business sites

Customize Your YouTube Channel

Add your company’s logo, colors and information to your YouTube channel when you first set it up, and include links to your website and other social media pages. Give visitors the option to subscribe to your business YouTube channel with one click, and make content searchable. Highlight playlists, your favorite videos from other channels or recent uploads. The more complete your YouTube channel is, the more likely people are to stay on your channel and browse. Respond to comments by YouTube visitors and remove spam or abusive comments immediately. People tend to avoid channels with spam comments sprouting like weeds.

Create and Optimize Your Business Facebook Page

Start a Facebook account (if you don’t have a personal page), and choose what type of page you want to create. The options are local business or place, company or organization, product or brand, artist, band or public figure, entertainment (for books, magazines or radio stations) and cause or community (for non-profits or general interests). You then add profile and cover photos, posts and photos like you would on a personal page. Facebook pages have analytics built in to track the number of visitors and where they’re from once you have a certain number of likes.You’ll also have the ability to pay to boost individual posts, ad placement options and other ways to build visibility for your brand or page. Digital marketing courses will help you maneuver through these choices.

Although some experts say your company should focus on one social media page, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with other social media platforms. Instagram and Pinterest are photo-based – great for companies selling clothes, shoes, jewelry or other photogenic products. Digital marketing courses will teach you how to use these platforms. Twitter is now placing more of a focus on businesses using their platform, with more customizable options, and an online marketing course will help you take advantage of the new features. Digital marketing courses can also teach you about SEO, blogging and websites as well as social media.

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