5 Surprising Industries That Leverage Customized Mobile Apps


Customized Mobile Apps


It’s no surprise that industries such as shopping and dating have seen huge success with customized mobile apps. You might be thinking that your business can’t integrate an app, has no use for one or there is no demand. If you have a client base there will always be users for a customized app, the key aspect is that it’s useful, provides information or connects them to your service. 


It’s not limited to existing customers; customized mobile apps bring new customers, a study showed that over 51% of mobile users found a new service, product or company while searching on their smartphone. Users are spending on average 3 hours and 43 minutes a day! On their mobile much of which is spent using apps. Take our top 5 surprising industries that leverage customized mobile apps to see if your industry is on the list and some might surprise you. 



Hotels are leveraging customized apps to provide an abundance of features and collated information for customers. Language is a big topic for hotels and apps can provide key information in a customer’s native tongue, making instructions on how to use facilities or where to locate them less cumbersome. Even providing features such as news feed for events. 


Tourism Companies 

Alongside hotels this industry is catching on to the fact that people are missing out on experiences by jumping between search engines, maps and webpages and getting confused as focus is redirected. Tourism apps not only collate information but can provide reviews or news local to the customer, additionally they can partner with local businesses to provide partnerships and offers to encourage customers to visit. 



Online medication orders, booking appointments or reliable information for patients is a big part of the growing online healthcare industry. Pharmacy Management especially is leveraging customized mobile apps. With the need for apps to work on admin, client and member levels, a customized app can provide all users with on demand information about stock and notifications with real time updates. 


Co-working Offices 

Customized mobile apps don’t always have to be for customers, many are now utilizing them for co-working office spaces and with people working at home recently they can provide a bridge between coworkers from different companies. 


There are many general co-working apps available but they don’t always cover everything a business needs, your business might require a unique feature or niche aspect that could transform the productivity and relationship of this B2B environment.