Custom Software Development: The Basic and True Advantages


custom software development dallas txAs a business owner, you have probably heard this over and over again: you need custom software. You have heard so many raving reviews from your colleagues, your IT guy has told you multiple times about your need for integration, and you have read tons of blogs and articles about the benefits.

In the midst of this information, you come to realize that custom software would benefit you. However, you find yourself intimidated by the amount of information out there. Where do you even start? What is true? What is a smoke screen?

To help you understand why custom software is the route for you, here are the basic and true advantages to custom software development – with absolutely no fluff.

Designed to Fit You

Custom software is designed to fit you and your business’ needs. This isn’t your run of the mill software that can be purchased by anyone in your niche. Instead, this is software made with you in mind, your product, your services and your team.

Think about it this way: Some software that is available for direct purchase is used by multiple companies in different niches. For example, different accounting software on the market is used by both clothing distributors and marketing firms. These two companies couldn’t be more different. Why are they using the same software?

These two companies could be benefiting from software that is fit for their individual needs – and so could you.

Simply put, custom software development takes the extra fluff out of your software and replaces it with productivity.

Integration That Works

Think about your current state of business. Are you using an accounting software separate from your inventory software and another software for your customer data? Confusing, isn’t it?

Custom software development creates integration that simply works for you. You will no longer have to use three or more different software builds to complete a single job: your daily business activities. This will increase your productivity, virtually eliminate mistakes and error and take your business to a higher level. The best part? You won’t have to do the heavy lifting anymore.

Developers can create successful links between the program you use so that they work seamlessly together like this:

  • A consumer purchases a product online. Your software automatically reduces inventory, takes down the customer data and adds their email to your email list. After that, it processes the payment and lets you know an order is ready to be processed and shipped.
  • You are ready for that big sale. Which products have sold more than the others? Which items will drive business further? Your software already knows thanks to the data saved. You find the items, create a sale pitch and then share it with your marketing team – all through your software.

Sold yet? There’s more.

Ultimate Support

Custom software development includes more than just your amazing new software. What happens if a program you are using is acting a bit slow? Or, maybe you have an integration you would like to tweak. Either way, your custom software developer is there to help.

When you purchase custom software, you are also purchasing a tech team that knows the ins and outs of what they produced. They will know how to fix the bugs and make the changes you want. It doesn’t get any more personal.

At, we believe in integration, productivity, and personalization. We don’t want to create just another software. Instead, we want to create YOUR software. Call us today at 469-535-7500 to see how our custom software can positively affect your business.