Custom Software Development: 5 Rules For Success


custom software development dallas txNo matter how large or small your business is, it can benefit from custom software development. Custom software that works specifically for your business and your needs will not only allow you and your staff to work with maximum efficiency, it will also give you a leg up on your competition. But just because you know what custom software development can do, that doesn’t mean getting the right product for your business is going to be easy. Here are 5 rules to follow that will ensure that your search for custom software is successful:

1 – Be Clear About What Your Software Must Do

Before you even begin a search for a software development company, you must make a list of the tasks your new software should be able to accomplish, who is going to be using it and in what situations. Classify the potential users of the software and how their interactions with it might differ. Define the kinds of reports you expect to be able to generate as well. The tasks you describe should be ones that you accomplish now in a variety of ways, including simple tasks that you use pen and paper for.

2 – Find The Right Software Developer

Once you’ve got your task list ready, it’s time to find the right custom software developer to help you get your business running in the best way possible. The criteria you should use to select a developer include:

Knowledge of your industry or area of business
References from previous clients
Extensive experience in software development

3 – Be Prepared To Work With Your Developer

Just because you’ve hired a great developer, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a continuing part to play in the development of your software. A great developer will ask you a lot of questions about what your business does and what you expect your software to do. You’ll have to answer his questions and make decisions about your software based on information he gives you. You’ll also have to act as a liaison between the software developer and your staff.

4 – Get Written Specs From Your Developer

Once your developer has a plan for creating your software, he must present it to you in writing so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Written specs are a blueprint for what your software will do and it will take you through the software, screen by screen, clearly and without ambiguities. Specs that you approve will ensure that there are no surprises when your software is finally delivered.

5 – Have A Plan For Support And Maintenance

Once you’ve seen and approved the written specs for your software, make sure your developer tells you how he is going to provide support and maintenance for it. The questions he should be able to answer include:

What will you do if the software malfunctions?
What happens if I want to add new features in the future?
Who will carry out maintenance tasks like data backups and bug fixes?

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