A Custom Software Development Company That Meets Your Needs


custom software development company frisco txThings to Discuss with Your Software Designers

If your company needs a custom software development company to create a specific data solution, be prepared to answer a few questions when meeting with the development team.  Here are a few things to discuss with the custom software designers:

1- Will There Be Daily and Weekly Reports on Progress?

Arrange a report schedule in the planning stages. How will they give you reports and at what intervals? Will you be able to go over details in person, in your office, or over the phone?

2- Do You Offer Software Support?

Once the software is designed and implemented, the software development company should offer some type of support. They may offer different support contracts for a few months or a year. The contract should state what the developer will fix and if it will include enhancements, or just fix any bugs that occur? Check on the custom software designer’s turnaround time and repair availability.

3- Who Owns the Code?

Receive a clear answer to this question at the outset of the project. If the code was created specifically for your company, you should own it. You should receive a perpetual, non-exclusive license for any library code that was part of the custom code development. The library code may be owned by the custom software development company or a third party.

4- How do You Test Software?

A custom software development company will tell you how they’ll test your software. The software developers should have one of their team members test the software. Your business should have a delegate to check over the work in progress every so often during design and implementation. A tester may create a test plan at the beginning of the project or at another point. Always discuss this with the team before work begins so you know exactly where you stand. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises when the project ends. The software should be tested on multiple platforms- Chrome, Firefox, etc.-unless it is only going to be used on a single platform.

CedarWaters custom software development company works on custom databases for small companies and networks involving many sites. Our designers can create  business applications for your specific needs using WordPress, WordPress multisite or other platforms. Our experienced custom developers will go over the options with you to ensure you get the best database or application possible.  Call axissoftwaredynamics.com today at 469-535-7500 to talk with our custom software designers.