Custom Software Development Company: Boxed Or Custom?


Boxed Vs. Custom Software

custom software development company Frisco TXEvery business that uses computers needs software; and the choices are either boxed, off-the-shelf software or software designed specifically for them by a custom software development company. If you use computers in your business – to manage inventories, communicate with customers, update your website or anything else – you’re going to have to make the same choice. On the face of it, off-the-shelf software seems, and probably is, less expensive; but initial cost isn’t the only factor to consider. You should also consider whether or not the ready-made software you buy can do everything you need it to do and whether or not the software that runs your business is important as a strategic asset.

➤ The Case Against Boxed Software

The bottom line in making the case against boxed software is that no one ready-made software can work for every type of business; so many businesses who use it try to adapt their operations to suit their software. In addition, they often end up with functions they’ll pay for but never use. If you are considering boxed software and you don’t want your business to conform to the software, you may think that you can customize it for your specific needs after you buy it. Unfortunately, not all software is customizable and when it is, the results can end up being disappointing and costly. Even if you decide not to work with it as it is, you may run into the problem of discontinued technical support and worse – the company that created the software may stop updating it or go out of business completely.

➤ The Case For Custom Software

If your business must work the way you designed it to work and there is no suitable off-the-shelf software that will be compatible with it – customizable or not – then you should consider working with a custom software development company to create programs that work for your business without any extras you don’t need and without having to “work around” the software. The most important things you need to know about custom software are that it is more scalable than off-the-shelf software and will grow with your company and with its changing needs and that it can create a more streamlined operational system by eliminating the use of multiple, boxed programs that don’t communicate with each other. With more efficient operations and less likelihood of the external security threats that come with widely-used, off-the-shelf programs, you’ll gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

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