Software Development Company Tips: Current Trends


software development company dallas txIn 2020, technology is growing towards new and incredible heights. In software development, things are changing rapidly and for the better. If you and looking for a software development company to overhaul your current software, you should be familiar with the trends in the industry.

There are many options out there for you and your business for productivity, profit and overall streamlining of your processes. Some of these options are net necessarily new but innovative in the way they are changing software and tech in the business industry.

Are you ready for change? Here is what’s trending in software development.

Computers Who Think Like Humans

We have always been told that computers have brains. And technologically, they do. However, the new breed of technology includes computers that can simulate thinking, just like a human being.

You’ve heard of Siri and Alexa. You have probably used one of them or both. However, this technology can do more for you, besides just find what movies are playing in your area. This technology can be a driving force behind new productivity, customer service and discovery within your business.

Software development companies can use these programs to give you innovative options such as live web chats for your customers and the reporting of data on a new project for you. These brains can think, gather and give you the information you need, quickly.

Customer-Centered Tech

The phrase, “the customer is always right” is not just a phrase. Instead, businesses are booming due to taking this seriously – by using tech. Software development companies are developing programs that are driven by customer satisfaction, design, and ideas.

A company that uses customer-focused technology is focusing on the most important piece of the business puzzle: conversion. With software that measures conversion, creates new plans and offers advice when data is received, customers can be a big stakeholder in your company’s decisions. Thus, creating customers who feel valued.

Cloud-Based Business

Businesses are moving their operations to the cloud. Why? The Cloud offers the gift of working from anywhere and running your business from anywhere. Software development companies can create software that uses the Cloud to optimize your business processes and create a more secure connection at the same time. Don’t worry about privacy – your software development company can help.

There are many trends within the tech and business world. Axis Software Dynamics offers custom software development that breaks the barriers and gives you a personalized touch to your software. Call us today at 469-535-7500 to see how we can customize your business software.  Or visit us online at to view a portfolio of our most recent projects.

About Axis Software Dynamics

Axis Software Dynamics is a Dallas Fort Worth based Custom software development company providing Digital Transformation Services for web, iOS and Android applications.   Our team of experts provide Full Stack Software Solutions leveraging:

  • User Experience Design
  • JavaScript (React, Angular, Node, Express)
  • .NET ( MVC, EF, Azure, SQL Server)
  • Java (JEE, Spring Boot, JPA, Gradle, Restful Services)
  • PHP (MVC  – Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP)
  • Mobile Development
  • QA Automation (Selenium, Protractor)

Axis provides a full range of cloud solutions with AWS (Amazon Web Services)Microsoft AzureA2 and WP Engine.  Our team of User Experience professionals and engineers are experts at delivering business solutions.  These solutions leverage the latest technologies and methods for an agile development and delivery process.

Axis Software’s Digital Transformation Services guide companies through their digital journey.  Automate your business and allow for scalable business practices.  Axis’ experts document your workflow which provides a highly detailed User Experience and User Interface overview.  By creating functional prototypes it is straight forward understanding the software product and business process roadmaps.

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