Why Your Business Marketing Online Isn’t Working


business marketing online frisco txBusiness marketing online is more important now than ever before. Consumers no longer look in telephone books or solely rely on recommendations; now they hit the web when searching for businesses that provide what they are looking for. Unfortunately, a majority of new businesses won’t become successful and will actually fail within the first few months of opening. Here, we take a look at why.

Bad Marketing

Celebrities do whatever they can to get their name in the headlines, whether they receive good or bad publicity. Why? Because having your name out there keeps you relevant. When no one is talking about you, you’ve been forgotten, and the same applies to businesses. If you don’t know how to market your business effectively, you’re not going to have customers, no matter how good you are at what you do.

Hiring a professional to take over marketing is the best thing new business owners can do to get their names in headlines, and in a good way. Not every new business owner is a marketing guru. In fact, many don’t even know where to begin, which is part of the reason why they may not be in business for long.

You Don’t Spend Enough Time on Social Media

Walk by just about anyone on the street and you’ll likely find him or her on a phone, looking at a social media site. Folks go to these sites for everything from comedic relief to business recommendations, and if you’re not spending enough time and energy on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you’ll likely find yourself in the red.

Marketing yourself on social media sites is more than just about posting pictures; you need to know what your audience is interested in and how to give them information in an appealing way. Not marketing yourself on these sites appropriately can cause potential customers to turn their backs on you, and existing customers may walk away.

You’re MIA on SEO

If you don’t know what SEO is or how to use it, you’re behind in the game of business marketing online. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what makes your site visible to consumers. Without it, the search engines won’t direct traffic to your site. If your site lacks effective SEO, you’ll find that not many visitors see what your page, or ultimately, your business, has to offer.

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