Business Marketing: 3 Powerful Social Media Tools


business marketing frisco txSocial media is the new frontier when it comes to business marketing. At least it’s the “newest” frontier since it has rapidly become an entrenched and regular part of online marketing. Although we know that social media plays only a limited role in SEO, its role in actual business marketing, research, and customer communication is invaluable. Social media managers have their hands full trying to use the social media scene to its full potential, and here are three tools that will help automate and optimize the use of social media.

Tweet Archivist

Available for $14.99/mo, this powerful tool allows you to track keywords and hashtags on Twitter. Whether it’s your hashtag or someone else’s that you are looking for, all you have to do is enter the keyword or hashtag (or even a boolean search) and Tweet Archivist gives you instant results as well as an hourly poll on the query. Tweet Archivist then organizes the data and provides you with extra insights like word clouds revealing prominent words or a list of the most active posters, for example. Finally, Archivist makes the data easily downloadable onto a PDF or into Excel for your reference.


Since its creation in 2008 by Ryan Holmes, this tool has risen to the top of the social media brand management ladder. Hootsuite is based on a freemium model, but business owners would do well to fork over the $119.88 annual fee for the helpful “Pro” account. The “Enterprise” plan offers personal features like brand protection and a personal account rep.

Hootsuite essentially provides you with a dashboard to manage and integrate all of your social media accounts in one place. Any professional in business marketing needing more time to develop content rather than the busy-work of posting will benefit from this tool.


Buffer was designed to provide users with one queue in which to “deposit” all of their social media posts. When you see an article you like, you simply add it to your queue for Buffer to automatically post to all of your accounts at pre-scheduled times. The most basic plan (rather, the “awesome” plan) is $10/mo and allows 10 accounts at 100 posts per account. the “Business” level runs from $50-$250 per month, and the “Enterprise” starts at $300. Specific details on your options within “Business” and “Enterprise” are readily available on

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