Business Marketing: Social Media Tips for Small Businesses


business marketing frisco txAll social media sites aren’t created equal when it comes to online business marketing. Every business is unique, attracting a slightly different set of customers than their competitors. Your social media traffic reflects this. A bridal photography studio may receive most of their website referrals from Instagram or Pinterest, while a music studio garners a large number of referrals from their YouTube channel.

How to Determine Which Social Media Sites Bring You the Most Traffic

Set up a Google Analytics account if you don’t have one. It’s free, and you can use it for business or personal websites and blogs. Google Analytics offers you information on referrals to your website from other sites, blogs and social media posts. It gives you insight on who reads your posts, what country they’re from, how long they stay on your site and what browser they use. Login to your Google Analytics account and check the statistics under “referrals” for “all traffic.” The totals will tell you what social media site drives the most visitors to your website. The stats will also show you which posts users clicked on to get to your site. Studying the list of most viewed social media posts lets you know what elicits the strongest responses from potential customers. Tailor new posts and website content to reflect these interests and expand your online business marketing.

Check the Insights on Your Facebook Page

Even if Facebook doesn’t drive more traffic to your website than other social media sites, it’s still a valuable tool for better online business marketing. Check out the most viewed posts on your page, taking into account the comments and likes under each post, and the total number of views and engagements. Click in “Insights” after you’ve logged in to Facebook and list the top 5 posts for each week, what day and time they were posted, and the post topic. Keep track of the most popular posts on a regular basis to keep track of what interests your customers and potential customers.

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