Application Developer: 3 Mobile Apps Trends For 2017


application developer frisco txIf you’re wondering if it’s time to talk to an application developer to have an app created for your business, just think about how often you use apps during the day.  Whether it’s on your smartphone or tablet, you likely use one or more mobile apps several times a day to check the weather or the news, get directions, pay bills or play a game. The fact is that billions of people around the world use their mobile devices to find what they need online and that trend is only going to continue.  An application developer knows that mobile app technology isn’t static and that it changes to better serve the billions of people who need it.  Some changes to mobile app technology in 2017 that may affect you are:

1 – An Increase In Location-Based Services

When mobile devices leave the factory, they are only intended to deliver a finite set of abilities. Mobile apps and the people who develop them are extending the usage of these devices beyond their original capabilities. In the past, game and social network apps dominated the app landscape. In 2017, utility apps will be the kinds of apps everyone wants. Application developers know that not everyone uses their smartphone or tablet to check Facebook or to play a game, and that most people use them to take care of day-to-day activities, like organizing a project, tracking contacts, checking orders and calling repairmen.  These kinds of utility apps that are developed to help users run their lives more smoothly will use location-based technology to ensure that they are even more useful.  They’ll check user locations and present them with recommendations for government offices, retail stores, gas stations and more that are near them.

2 – An Increase In Apps For The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is basically the concept of connecting any device that has an on and off switch to the internet.  Cell phones, headphones, wearable devices, coffee makers, hand tools and jet engines all will have the potential capability of being connected to the internet.  While you may not think that this is something you need to consider in developing your app, you should know that the analyst firm, Gartner, predicts that there will be 20.8 billion “things” connected to the internet by 2020. Applications that are developed with the IoT in mind will ensure that the businesses that use them will be ahead of their competition in the years to come.

3 – An Increase In Mobile Payment Apps

As more and more people conduct personal and business transactions online and on their mobile devices, there will be a need for new and innovative apps that allow them to pay for these transactions.  Not only will there be an increase in the number of new payment apps, there will also be an increase in the usage of existing apps like Loop Pay, Tilt, Google Wallet, Square Cash, Android Pay, and more.

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