5 Ways Customized Software Can Keep Your Teams Connected


More companies are finding out the huge benefits of not limiting your employees to a single location. This leads to more specialized professionals that are perfect for the company. Remote working is on the rise but how can you keep your teams connected?

Provide customized software, which has all the features your team needs and wants without all the unnecessary parts and clutter the UI.

Unity and Support

Customized software can help everyone feel more included and a part of the company. Logging in and being greeted with virtual stickies or job comments and seeing activity on the work board can help employees feel connected. One of the top issues’ employees feel is collaboration and communication.

Providing and allocating tasks whether anyone is online or offline gives employees a sense of unity. There’s always someone to assist or support and logging in to find tasks assigned keeps focus and removes a feeling of being left out.

Chat Channels and Groups

Another of the top issues we just saw in this study as well as communication that was mentioned is loneliness. 19% said their biggest struggle was loneliness. Combining that with the 17% who said it was communication and collaboration makes for a dangerous work mentality.

Customized software can help alleviate the feeling of loneliness by having integrated channels for chat and work-related discussions. Having private or group chats where you can separate people by teams or sections provides a more casual feeling of communication. This makes for a relaxed way to communicate, similar to being in the office.

Schedule Meetings

This is important; regular meetings with face-to-face calling brings everyone together. It can be difficult to schedule though, employees can be in different time zones, different work hours and have meetings already scheduled.

Customized software can keep track of all employees’ timetables and provide suggestions for when the most people are free. This keeps your teams connected and stops leaving people out of every meeting.

Keep Teams Connected When Expanding

The company might have started locally, but when expanding a lot of companies find themselves taking on remote workers. Thinking back on the points made already, including everyone when your teams are expanding can be a big task.

Customized software makes it easy; the new employee can be provided login details and instantly start engaging in the work and connecting with others. Easy to add them to meetings and simplifies any introductions it includes them and keeps the team connected.

Coffee Chats & Virtual Lunches

An interesting trend that’s been rising is teams staying connected with chat rooms. This is already present in customized software, being able to schedule lunches or breaks and take time to reflect, relax and communicate.

Teams can have lunch together and video call within a virtual work environment even if they are remote. A key point would be eliminating the loneliness that some employees express. By breaking up their solitary work environment, they get a chance to connect with others on the team face-to-face in a relaxed way.

There are many ways customized software can keep your team connected amongst other benefits. If any of these points got you thinking that your business could benefit from this contact us at Axis Software Dynamics and chat with one of our professionals today.